I have a backache.

Mitsuyasu orthopedic surgical clinic on Saturday is not crowded on even though this clinic. Weekday is more crowded. I stayed for about 90 minutes. The treatment for me was about 25 minutes.

I brought earphones, but I didn't brought my iPod inadvertently. I watch "youtube" to see Reni's study abroad English lessons by my android. And I play duolingo by that.

In the waiting space inside the clinic, the volume of voice of the old lady who sat next to me was broken. She is very noisy. I hit her shoulder lightly,
"Would you like to speak with a slightly lower voice? please."
I whispered.

If she was so energetic, I think that she shouldn't came to this clinic, and she should sleep at her home.It is much better.

I am worried. That may mean that the law on securing medical care for the elderly can be done in this way.

The Japanese health insurance system requires 10% of the total medical fee as medical expenses for the elderly in elderly wallets. The remaining 90% will be paid by the health insurance organization to the clinic.

I think that my income tax, resident tax and consumption tax are high. And our generation has to pay 30% of the total medical fee from our wallet.

We will become an old man either. I never forget that.

But I am worried. In the future, that the Japanese health insurance system may has collapse.