2018 FIFA WorldCup Russia FirstStage Japan-Colombia



 後半、香川選手out, 本田選手in。本田選手のCKを、大迫選手が頭で合わせて、ポストギリギリに入る美しいゴール。2-1で勝利。




Three minutes passed since the game started. Columbia DF , he stopped shoot by his hand. Japan gets PK, Colombian Sanchez is sent off by red card. After that, the team of Colombia has become 10 people.. Kagawa in Japan succeeded in PK.

The Colombian team got the FK at the end of the first half of the game.
Kawashima stopped the ball, but it was inside of a goal . I think that Kawashima will receive bad criticism again.

second half, Kagawa out, Honda in. Oosako accorded Honda's CK with his head. It was a beautiful goal to enter post-grinding. Japan was 2-1, winning Colombia.

I do not know whether Sanchez's foul play is intentional or not. If he did not put out his hands, I wonder what happened to the shoot's whereabouts. I also think about the result of the game.

I think that the scene where Japan has lost points should praise the Colombian kicker. From the point of view of Kawashima, it is the first time he know the trajectory when the ball cross the bottom of the wall. I am a soccer amateur, I think the following things. The reason why all the walls thought that of the kicker
"It's overhead!"
I thought his feint was very good.

On the other hand, some people think that everyone was deceivede who play a role the wall(lol), GK stopping the ball inside of the goal (lol). I know.

On the way, there was a scene where we do a so-called pass football, which they do not put the ball to forward. There was a scene in which Japan was not running in the vacant space. The above is the opinion of the amateur of football who is watching from camera viewpoint.